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Character Creation / Errata / Index

The following are new backgrounds which can be added to Street Fighter for a little extra flavor. Some are completely new and others are translated from other games (those are mostly from other White Wolf games). Use with caution.

Table of Contents

(vampire exclusive)

This is a physical ability exclusive to vampires. It represents the vampire's ability to metabolize the stolen life force coursing through their veins into superhuman speed. Each point of the Celerity background provides one point of speed when the vampire wishes to use it (this can never affect maneuvers which have a fixed speed). Each point spent in this way consumes one Chi. A use of Celerity affects all speeds for the turn it is used in. Celerity may not be used in the same turn as Fortitude or Potence unless the vampire has the rank 5 Kibatsumejutsu school technique.

Chi Regeneration
(minimum Focus 4)

This is a very powerful background and its use should be strictly controlled. You have a strong connection to your Hado which heals quickly as you drain its reserves. For each point invested in this background you may regenerate 1 Chi per combat turn via a successful Focus roll. This ability may not be used in the same turn as Will Regeneration. You cannot regenerate Chi two turns in a row.


The Eidolon is a manifestation of the tranquil, spiritual core at the heart of every Street Fighter's Hado. It is the part of every person that aspires towards inner harmony. Although it rarely manifests in a direct manner it is the voice at the back of a fighter's mind reminding them that violence is not always the answer.

Ranks in this background provide some additional resistance to the call of the Dark Hado. Each game session you gain a dice pool equal to your Eidolon background which you may use as you see fit - dividing dice as desired between individual rolls - to contest Dark Hado rolls.

(vampire exclusive)

This is a physical discipline exclusive to vampires. Fortitude is a vampire's supernatural endurance as fueled by blood. Each point of the Fortitude background provides a boost of two effective Stamina when the vampire wishes to use it. This increases the vampire's soak total for one turn. These points may only be used once per day and each point spent in this way consumes one Chi. Fortitude may not be used in the same turn as Celerity or Potence.

Hado Symbiosis

In order to have this background the fighter must have unlocked their Hado. This measures how strongly the fighter's connection to the Hado is in conjunction with their Focus technique. It cannot exceed Focus. This is a powerful background and if used unwisely can result in serious consequences for the fighter because any slip in in Hado rolls using this background can expose the fighter to more energy than they ever bargained for or leave them open to corruption. Each rank in this background gives a special effect which can, at most, be used once per day. If the roll botches consult the Consequence column to see what happens to the fighter. Some of these consequences are permanent and require no such roll (namely ranks 9 and 10).

Rank Ability Consequence
Roll to recover 1 point of Chi or Willpower. Unable to regenerate Chi for 24 hours.
Roll to recover 3 points divided as you wish between Chi and Willpower. Unable to regenerate Chi or Willpower for 48 hours.
Roll, difficulty 9, to 'overdrive' your Hado. Your next maneuver does double damage. Your Hado burns out temporarily. Unable to use any Hado-driven abilities until it regenerates.
As above but the difficulty is only 7 and you ignore your target's Stamina. As above but the burn out period is even longer.
In the presence of the Dark Hado you may make a second Focus roll to resist the taint. You slip a full rank into the pit of darkness.
When under mind-altering effects you may make a Willpower roll to break free. The duration of the effect is doubled.
As rank 5 but the difficulty is only 5. Same as rank 5.
You can allow your Hado to temporarily seize control of your body making you immune to all mind-altering effects. Your Hado never gains the benefits of combos and when you awaken you will have no memory of what happened.
Permanent immunity to damage from chi-driven maneuvers. Can never be affected by beneficial abilities either except ones you use.
Immunity to all effects of the Dark Hado. Can never invoke the Dark Hado for any reason. Creatures of the darkness can instinctively sense when you are near.


Although not necessarily allies, Kinfolk are members of your extended family who have some positive interest in your life. This could be an aunt or uncle you stay with while on vacation or out training. It could be your second cousin working a prestigious job. The important part of this background is that you have forged a direct relationship with this family member.

Each dot in this background represents one such connection. With Storyteller approval the number can be increased per dot in order to represent large, extended families. Kinfolk may be Mentors but dots in this background cannot substitute for that one. A Kinfolk who is a Mentor is not considered Kinfolk for the purposes of this background. If you also have the Animal Kinfolk merit this background can increase the number of hybrids in your family.


Skill Rank
Time Needed
Successes Required
Roll Interval
1 day
1/2 day
1 week
1 day
1 month
2 days
3 months
4 days
6 months
8 days
9 months
16 days
1 year
32 days
2 years
45 days
3 years
58 days
4 years
71 days

This is a teacher who specializes in skills. The point value of this background determines how knowledgeable and respected they are just like the Sensei background does. The instructor needs at least 3 dots in the ability to be taught and if they don't also have the Instruction Talent the difficulty of teaching checks goes up by 1. If the Instructor fails an Instruction roll for a teaching period the learning character's roll's difficulty increases by 1. A botched Instruction roll means no successes can be accumulated by either party until the next roll interval.

See the time table for learning times, required successes and roll intervals. A student can only move up 1 dot of ability rank at a time and only 1 such stat can be modified through learning per month although the student and teacher may continue to accumulate successes towards raising other abilities.

The Number of Successes Required column lists how many successes from rolls the teacher and the student need to accumulate over the learning period as the result of extended rolls. A botched roll wipes out any progress for that interval. No experience is yet spent.

For Teaching: Intelligence + Instruction
For Learning: Intelligence + Insight

Base difficulty is 6 plus any modifiers like those laid out above. Once enough successes have been accumulated both parties move to spending experience. Take the cost of the rank increase and reduce it by 1/4 rounding any fractions up to the nearest whole number. The resulting value is then split and paid by both parties. Additional nuances for the Instruction skill are over on the Abilities page.

Some Mentors are also Senseis and vice versa but they are always separate backgrounds even when referring to the same individual.

(vampire exclusive)

This is a physical discipline exclusive to vampires. It is the unholy strength gleaned by their state of undeath. Each point of the Potence background provides one point of Strength when the vampire activates it. These points may only be used once per day and each point spent in this way consumes one Chi. Potence may not be used in the same turn as Fortitude or Celerity.

Psycho Force
(Ler Drit exclusive)

This dangerous ability is exclusive to Ler Drit. The fighter is capable of absorbing the negative emotions of those around them and channeling it through themselves to boost their fighting power, heal their wounds, or reinforce their chi and willpower. Each rank in this background allows the fighter to "store" one such point of Psycho Energy.

First the fighter needs a source of negative energy to absorb. Their intended target must be within 10' per point of Focus the fighter possesses. Then they make an Intelligence + Mysteries roll to begin draining. The target of the drain can attempt to defeat the Ler Drit fighter using their permanent Chi (the target need not be another Street Fighter). The Ler Drit stylist needs 5 successes to continue and may keep rolling as an extended action.

Once enough successes are accumulated one point of Psycho Energy is ready for use. Each point can be converted to +2 to any die roll, 1 Chi or Willpower, or 5 Health. This energy is potent stuff but also highly dangerous. If the fighter expends more points of Psycho Energy in this way in one day then they possess points in Focus technique they must make an immediate test or suffer the backlash of this energy.

The fighter rolls their Focus technique against a difficulty equal to 10 - their permanent Chi/2 (rounded up) -1. Thus a fighter with a permanent chi of 10 would have a difficulty of 10 - (10/2) - 1 = 4. They need 3 successes to completely suppress the backlash and suffer no ill effects. For each success below that threshhold the fighter suffers one point of aggravated damage which can only be healed with rest. If the suppression roll botches the Ler Drit fighter immediately loses one point of Focus, permanently, as pure chaos tears into his mind and soul. If the fighter loses all of their Focus they are shattered and become another Revenant at M. Bison's command. They gain the Broken Will flaw (for 0 freebie points) and immediately collapse unconscious. Although it is possible to recover from this M. Bison's willingness to send Revenants on suicide missions makes the chances of that happening highly unlikely.

Psychokinetic Infusion
(Mystic exclusive)

This is the ability to infuse a personal object with Chi and change it's properties. Each point invested in this background allows one point of Chi to be infused into an object with a maximum number of points between all empowered objects capped at twice the fighter's Focus technique.
These points can alter the physical attributes of said object. Thus a flimsy piece of cloth could be made rigid enough to support a human's weight, steel bars made flexible enough to bend like butter, or body armor reinforced against assault. The mystic can choose either to reinforce one physical attribute per point or to transfer a point between attributes. The affect lasts for up to 24 hours.

Each time the mystic wishes to use this power they make a Wits + Enigmas roll at difficulty 7. One success is needed per desired alteration. Once the mystic has expended all points of Psychokinetic Infusion they must spend at least 3 hours in Meditation to recover them and make a successful Meditation roll. This prevents recovering Chi or Willpower through meditation.

The infused object has some additional protection from special maneuvers that would otherwise damage it. An attacker using such a maneuver needs successes in excess of the mystic's Focus technique to have any effect.


The Qiao are special, ritualistic techniques available to specific schools but are the primary domain of the Shih Demon Hunter. There are actually multiple Qiao (which means 'bridge') and each one must be purchased and raised separately. Each rank gives the fighter a specific ability as outlined on Qiao. These abilities first appeared in the White Wolf universe in the World of Darkness: Demon Hunter X book.


This background is only available to Shadoloo members who have a Status (Shadoloo) of at least 4 dots. For each dot in this background you have been assigned two Revenants as servitors. Although Shadoloo leadership doesn't care if they die or are injured the existence of these broken souls is still a closely guarded secret and the organization does not suffer fools lightly. Revenants can be used as labor, fighters, bodyguards, cannon fodder, or living one-use weapons.


This background allows the character to perform group Focus maneuvers to achieve larger and extended-duration effects. This includes rites of spiritual cleansing to heal those harmed by the Dark Hado, to enter the Spirit Realm, to open portals from one location to another, to sanctify places and arenas, establish places of enhanced meditation, etc.

As an adaptation of the Rites system of Werewolf: The Apocalypse any Rite contained therein can also fall under this background. Minor rites can be performed solo. Major ones require at least one other participant. Replace any uses of Gnosis with Chi, Primal-Urge with Enigmas (Animal Hybrids may use that background instead), Rituals with this background or Theology, Rage with the average of the fighter's Honor and Willpower.

Performing the Rite of the Stolen Wolf on an Animal Hybrid forces them to transform into a human form during the rite's duration. Even if they possess Shapeshifting they cannot change back into their hybrid form until the ritesmaster re-opens the sealed box.

Check the Rites page for more information or the quick list text file which lists all the rites (in no particular order), their types, and ranks.


Every street fighter must have this background. This represents their level of knowledge about their style and their capacity to learn, understand, and utilize it's special maneuvers. Each character starts with one dot in their chosen school or one dot in both their schools if they have the Dual Styles merit. Fighters who have no formal school are part of Dirty Fighting. For more information on the different schools see the Schools page.

School rank directly controls what maneuvers are available for purchase with power points (during character creation) or from experience. A fighter can only learn a maneuver if the power point cost listed in the description is equal to or less then their school rank + 1. Maneuvers listed as 'Any' are unaffected.

Sub-category: Kalindo (Animal Hybrid exclusive)

The Kalindo background is only available to Animal Hybrids with Shapeshifting. It is a fighting style meant to take advantage of this ability to change form in the thick of combat. The style is extremely rare and difficult to learn. The hybrid must also have a Sensei with this background. It is considered a school in the school system.

Few hybrids have the patience to learn even the most basic tenets. The style emphasizes patience, discipline, and self-control. Those that do, though, are greatly respected amongst the fighting circuit for their tireless devotion to their art. Each point in Kalindo awards the hybrid with 2 points of temporary Honor to reflect the sacrifices the hybrid has endured and the respect this has brought them.

Because this style emphasizes honorable combat amongst packmates the hybrid is always assumed to not be inflicting aggravated damage with Kalindo maneuvers. This style is usually combined with another martial art (Aikido, Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu are the most common) to further the Kalindori's study of self-defense. It is a "soft" style dedicated to taking advantage of an opponent's faults rather then pressing the attack outright. Students of this form learn to think and act like the wind and there is a strong air mythology that surrounds it.

Kalindo maneuvers can be found over on the Hybrid page.

Spirit Companion

A spirit that has passed on from the mortal coil watches over you from afar. This may be an ancestor or a family guardian or even a soul whom you never met but has simply taken an interest in you for whatever reason. In times of stress this spirit can lend you it's strength in the form of extra Chi and Willpower. This is not always a given, however, for this sort of friendship is a two-way street and you will be expected to perform favors for your companion.

In many respects a Spirit Companion is much like an Animal Companion - except a spirit cannot fight in the ring being intangible and whatnot. The number of dots in this background determine the number of freebie points available to build the spirit with. The Storyteller will construct your companion.

As spirits lack physical attributes, being insubstantial, all rolls requiring physical attributes automatically fail. Build the spirit as you would a normal person or street fighter with an additional five freebie points per dot in this background.


This represents the character's social standing. It can apply to the world at large, to a dojo, or an organization such as Shadoloo. At 1 the character is a neonate, a beginner with whom those in the organization are familiar but to whom little is ascribed. At 5 the character has an unquestioned loyalty and reputation. They will be trusted with just about anything.

Status comes with some caveats. Anyone trying to recognize the character adds that person's Status as extra dice to their roll. Trying to remain incognito with high status is difficult. In addition, those around the character will expect more of them as befitting someone of their rank.

Supernatural Companion

Saying your friend is supernatural is a misnomer as they are as real as anyone and part of the observable universe. The term is used in this background to denote an ally who is neither a spirit (see Spirit Companion) nor human. Thus you could have a friend who is a vampire, an animal hybrid, or something else rarely encountered on Earth. The number of dots in this background equal the strength of the relationship and not the number of companions. It may be purchased multiple times as desired.

The Storyteller will create your companion and run them as an NPC. Such relationships are generally taboo and you must keep quiet about it or face censure. You will also be expected to keep up your end of the deal and help them with their problems now and again.

True Faith

True Faith is gained by buying ranks of the True Faith merit. Each point in this background provides the character one Faith die which they may choose to spend, as they wish provided they are able to justify how the roll in question is related to their Faith, on Chi, Willpower, Focus, or ability rolls. Once spent these dice are expended until the next story session.

True Faith represents an intense, unwavering dedication to a certain faith or dogma. It doesn't matter what the dogma is, and it need not necessarily be a religion, but the one thing in common with all people with True Faith is that they are extremely resistant to changing their beliefs - sometimes to their own detriment. The downside of this background and it's accompanying merit is that the character must make a Willpower roll at a difficulty equal to 6 + permanent ranks of True Faith whenever a tenent of their faith is challenged. Willpower may be spent and the dice pool and difficulty are considered an anger check.

If the roll succeeds the character shrugs off the challenge, unbothered. If the roll fails they feel the need to defend their dogma. Usually this goes no further then just arguing loudly with whoever raised their ire. If the Willpower roll botches, however, the character must make an immediate Chi roll, difficulty 8, or fall into a frenzy.

Technique Confidence
(minimum rank 3)

Each dot in this background affects a new technique (which can include weapon skills) and allows 10s that appear as part of damage rolls to "explode" or be rolled again with additional successes possible. At rank 6 and up each dot decreases the base difficulty of one maneuver in one technique to 5. This does not affect the difficulty of maneuvers which have modified difficulties.

Technique Mastery
(minimum rank 5)

Each dot corresponds to one technique. When rolling for successes with that technique each 10 that appears on the dice may negate a single 1 also rolled. At rank 6 and up the fighter may pay 1 Chi to negate all 1s rolled.

For weapon skills, at rank 3, there is no longer any speed and damage penalty when weilding a weapon in one hand and using the other to perform another maneuver.

Will Regeneration
(minimum Focus 4)

This is a very powerful background and it's use should be strictly controlled. For each point invested in this background the character can regenerate 1 Willpower per combat turn via a successful Focus roll. This ability may not be used in the same turn as Chi Regeneration. You cannot regenerate Willpower two turns in a row.